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How To Care for Your Patio & Driveway This Summer Using Paving Professionals

How To Care for Your Patio & Driveway This Summer Using Paving Professionals

Summer is here!

Look out the window, yes, that’s right… this is Summer.

It may not look like it but welcome to the Glasgow Summer of 2019!

Come to think of it, driveways have evolved a lot over the years from the dirt soil tracks, gravels, and the many varieties to the present day. This is true for roads in general, as well.

In the modern day, when you think about a road or a driveway, you picture an aesthetically pleasing, clean and perfectly paved pathway. The many eye-catching design & developments of roads and driveways have become so common that we don’t even remember the times of horses and muddy tracks.

The driveways of 2019 are anything but astonishing with amazing designs, great quality build materials and more than capable of enduring the loads of heavy vehicles and destructive children playing around on them.

In this blog, Ace Paving are driveway specialists will cover many things to do with your homes outdoors for excellent maintenance this time of the year, when the sun is smiling down on you.

All About Gravel Driveways

Gravel is very commonly referred to as material which is risky and not the best when it comes to the driveways for homes. But even then, it continues to attract many homeowners with its trademark sound effects when walking or driving on them.

The look is aesthetically pleasing and it totally transforms the look of your home. Of course, it has downsides such as the risks of having kids playing with gravel, falling and hurting themselves, an injury scares for elders, etc.

Looking for that aesthetic gravel type looks or other attractive looks for your driveway?

Ace Paving will be able to provide you with the best!

Ace Paving specialise in this area with lots of experience and you can always get free estimates. look at our online feedback reviews in your area, we will be able to provide you with the best driveway block paving and other services!

Let’s look at some facts about the material itself – Gravel:

  • Gravel is a highly durable material and it is also a very high maintenance material compared to the likes of just concrete, etc.
  • With proper care & maintenance, gravels will last a lifetime
  • Gravel is available in a very wide range of options. It comes in various different colours and types, giving you more choice for the most personalised look for your home.
  • Not just looks, even functionally it’s important to distinguish the advantages of the many types of gravel such smaller ones for houses with more walking and larger ones for mostly cars, etc.

It is true that it is high maintenance as you have to rake it regularly to balance out the distribution of the gravel evenly on all parts of the driveway. You will have to remember to do thorough cleaning such as the removal of leaves and other debris.

But there are massive advantages such as the UK generally receiving a lot of rainfall. With a lot of moisture and consistent rainfall, gravel works as the most appropriate solution since water is drained away almost instantly. You will have less worry for draining to avoid puddles, etc.

Benefits of Professionally Paved Monoblock Driveways Glasgow

One of the most common and most popular is the concrete driveway. It is prone to deterioration after a while, with little cracks, stains, etc. Because of weather such as excessive rain, snow and heat they also get highly damaged. As a result, over the years, its popularity has gone down to the more attractive solution of monoblock Glasgow designs.

A concrete driveway will most definitely keep you at your toes to ensure it looking good for years. The alternative in the form of monoblock paving is amazing! From patterns to unique designs, they are an attractive solution.

Ace Paving can do a wide variety of landscaping services such as block paving driveways, driveway patio, concrete block paving, and any other hard surface workmanship for residential and commercial properties. Our attention to detail and tidy working style helps our clients as well as ourselves.

Let’s look at some of the many advantages:

  • Durable for different conditions
  • Not easily damaged due to heavy loads, weather, etc.
  • No risk of stains or other issues
  • Wash easily with jet wash or etc. to get perfect clean without damage
  • Damaged monoblocks can be easily replaced
  • Time and cost efficient

Here at Ace Paving Ltd, we work professionally to offer you the best monoblock driveway Glasgow solutions. We are experienced and can redesign your front and back yard to perfection.

Give a quick, free, no obligation call to find out more!

Proper Maintenance of Your Patio During Summer

During the summertime, you want to spend more time outdoors. Enjoying the sun in your garden, watering plants, kids playing in the lawn or driveway, elders enjoying the patio or a nice walk. But when you go soaking on the sunlight (the rare few days of summer that do get here in Glasgow), you notice all things that need fixing.

This is what we call the maintenance of your garden areas to keep it looking nice and enjoyable. You will notice every little thing which isn’t right when you try to relax in the sun. there are quite a few things to take notice of when cleaning up the patio for summer to have it looking the best for not just you, but for your family, friends and neighbours.

Things to do to maintain a good-looking garden:

  • Weeding – this is not a task anyone enjoys. Whether you are a professional or not, this is something which is tedious and never-ending. But doing it, will keep your patio looking in great shape and ready for the summer fun.
  • Prevention – you must also prepare for new weed sprouting. Trying to get it from the root is not the only solution. You can use chemicals or sand that disrupts their regrowth.
  • Dirt – over time patios gain a dirt layer and regular sweeping will ensure that the layer of dirt does not become a permanent one.
  • Stains – staining requires much more thorough work and is not at all a simple job. Soapy water, bristled brush, etc. will take care of most stains
  • Pressure Washing or Jet Washing – pressure washing is the need for more serious stains, or a permanent or stubborn layer of dirt. It will completely enhance the look of your patio ridding it of stains and dirt almost as good as new. But you must be careful not to damage it.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to enhance the look of your patio, garden, driveway then look to professionals who deal with this every day. Ace Paving are driveway specialists & professionals who are experienced with many different types of development work as can be seen in their website Gallery.

We will improve your garden in perfect time for the summer family get together at a reasonable price. You will be partying in the summer and we will deal with the workload!

Contact us today to perfect your home’s outdoors using monoblock Glasgow designs which are our most popular service as well as other driveway services at amazingly affordable prices.

Our competitive price and outdoor space decking cleaning, driveway paving, quality landscaping services are unmatched by our monoblock Glasgow competitors.

As a home owner, the attention to surface cleaning around your house, amazing construction of driveway, patio, etc. is a choice you must make to bring attention to your property. For both residential and commercial properties, a cleaner and complete outdoor space will bring more complements and offers.

Make sure you follow our blog to learn about more ways to beautify your outdoor space such as patio using monoblock paving, exciting offers, etc. to get cost effective quality landscaping services from Ace Paving – the driveway specialists.


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